A Floresta Encantada
A Floresta Encantada
A weekly voyage through the universe of psychedelic rock, progressive rock, Krautrock, and much more with particular incidence on the 60s and 70s. We remember iconic bands from this period of time as well as more obscure ones that contributed to the musical development of the years that followed not forgetting the Portuguese (or Portuguese-speaking) artists who had a great impact on the era of psychedelic and progressive rock. With Ana Farinha & Tiago Castro

on air:

Sun, 22h00 | Rep: Wed, 22h00


T: 210 105 730
M: R. Viriato, 25 – 3º
1050 – 234 Lisbon

A Floresta EncantadaA Floresta EncantadaA Floresta EncantadaA Floresta EncantadaA Floresta Encantada
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