Tiago Castro
An early rising druid with over a decade of radio and the author of shows where you search for the history of emblematic bands or those which have been forgotten in time. His passion for the radio has existed since he was a child, when he used to pretend to do radio shows by recording tape after tape using home tape recorders. His love for music began with Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was the starting point for a musical discovery that is renewed every day and shared on the radio with the utmost pleasure.
Paulo Lázaro
Art lover. A music-loving soul with an alternative and independent style. Has worked on the radio since 1987 and never distances himself from it. Has covered many roads with a microphone in his hand. Whenever he finds a spot, he lets his voice be heard. Whether it is in publicity or narrating for the National Geographic, or even doing additional reminders for Fox Crime. He also goes on stage and faces cameras, but that's another life...


Ricardo Mariano
Ricardo Mariano has been doing radio wrapped in blue for 16 years in a foggy trance and transparent glass. He writes about concerts and albums and whenever he is lucky, he lends his voice to adverts and other narrative works. With friends – that beautiful cliché –, he works hard and comes up with money for artists to play on Portuguese stages. He fears going deaf. His favourite word is amarar (to dock).
Manuela Paraíso
Music eater. Has been giving music since the age of three. Then began writing about it and later became a DJ. Has been working on the radio since 1985. Has covered it from top to bottom with a soundtrack that includes Renaissance, Beethoven, Jazz, Post-Punk, all sorts of electro, and world echoes.


Catarina Pereira
From a close and insistently present – a.k.a. annoying – listener to the invitation that changed the course of a future that had already contemplated ‘being a radio voice’. All in all, it has been 20 years, but my passion for it is renewed every single day.
My name is Keso – or Marco Ferreira –, I am a rapper and producer from Oporto who buys records every week and insists on playing them in every one of my appearances as a DJ. When I was 17, I opened an exclusively black music shop and hip-hop has been my sound and artistic (graffiti) school ever since I was a kid. I studied film at the Lisbon Drama and Film School, I specialised in sound, made films in London, and have released three albums of originals over the past 15 years. I am 30. I cannot let go of music. It is totally my fault!


Lara Marques Pereira
This began by chance when I was 19 and soon without realising it, it became a way of life. Breaking the silence with words, voice, sound, and music has always been challenging and a true passion.
Mónica Peixoto
I was born in the tropics but I hate the heat. I like chocolate, the Portuguese traditional Cozido, and my three cats. I am Eduardo's mum, married, and my job is to give you music. Journalism is my calling, Radio is my passion.

T: 210 105 730
M: R. Viriato, 25 – 3º
1050 – 234 Lisbon

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